Essay on the history of nursing

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You should demonstrate your critical thinking , use proper punctuation and grammar. Your paper on nursing should be readable and understandable in spite of medical terminology. You have to master your discipline — appropriate language perfectly. In your writing you should write well — thought out explanation of complex procedures and ideas. Use the third-person or second-person perspective.

All medical processes and procedures should be described step-by-step. Your writing should be clear, to the point, objective, pertinent, completed, concise and accurate. Your thesis , which is the heart of your composition, should be argued persuasively and objectively. Writing your assignment on nursing you should remember three important rules.

The other major category — practical and qualitative category encompasses the remaining three aspects — personal, aesthetic and ethics. The personal knowledge which is arguably the most fundamental and essential aspect of nursing knowledge should be inherent in all nurses. Rutty suggested that this aspect of nursing knowledge cannot be taught; rather it is acquired through experience and self-awareness of the uniqueness of the individual in the frontline of patient care.

It is usually expressed through actions; for example in a clinical situation, the nurse will examine the situation and subconsciously respond with skilled action without much deliberation. Ethical aspect of nursing knowledge could also be referred to as moral component of the nursing knowledge. It requires practical knowledge of societal values, ethical reasoning and responsible individuals. To this end, ethical codes of nursing have been developed to help confront and resolve certain conflicting values, norms and interests.

Nursing knowledge however cannot be discussed without making reference to its philosophical core aspects which include ontology overall nature of things and epistemology nature of knowledge itself. Subsequently, the scope breadth and depth of the nursing knowledge will expand. In the light of the above discussion, Van Maanen cited in Rutty concluded that although the scientific knowledge is critically important and crucial in nursing, the personal, aesthetic and ethical aspects of nursing knowledge are equally important.

Rutty further argued that they are all overlap each other, are interrelated and interdependent. It is critically important to integrate the knowledge acquired from other disciplines in other to excel and deepen our understanding of nursing practice. Willis et al observed that the dynamic nature of current healthcare-related issues requires very confident nurses who have the personal knowledge of who they are, aesthetic knowledge of what they should do, ethical knowledge of what is right and wrong, their societal mission and how to communicate it to others.

Furthermore, they argued that nursing knowledge epistemology should be integrated with the knowledge obtained from other disciplines as this will facilitate a flourishing society with good health and well-being. McIntyre and McDonald claim that the inclusion of multiple sources of knowledge generated from nursing discipline and other disciplines has broadened the view of nursing practice. Willis et al suggested that a central unifying focus by nurses will go a long way in sustaining nursing as a practice discipline. They suggested that this disciplinary focus would support professional identification of nurses, provide the ontological and epistemological basis for the nursing profession and at the same time strengthen the discipline as a profession.

Kim argued that human state and human responses are disjointed and does not represent a whole being. Willis et al is of the opinion that their proposed central unifying focus facilitating humanization, meaning, choice, quality of life and healing in living and dying gives nursing a logical foundation for interdisciplinary collaboration ensuring a good stance for multidisciplinary discussion. They commended scholars for their quest to propose a central unifying focus that unites nursing as a discipline.

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They also suggested that such distinctive knowledge will help nursing values to be visible and of practical importance for interdisciplinary collaborations which is needed for societal and healthcare reforms. Fawcett emphasized that it is important for nurses to understand the theoretical or empirical models, practice and research that govern the nursing discipline.

If such an understanding was lacking, nurses will lose their professional identity and would not have the ability to engage in interdisciplinary practice. Willis et al suggested that nursing should actually join forces with other discipline in planning and implementing societal changes needed in optimal healthcare delivery. Taking the advantages of a central unifying focus literally as outlined by Willis et al , this can be mirrored in some policy documents that are used in my practice area; for example in the Operating department where I work, we use several policy documents that guide our clinical practice.

The policy statement state that:. The main focus of this policy document is to maintain patient safety and to inform the multidisciplinary team about the hospital safety goal. The decision to start surgery knife to skin once the patient is prepared and draped is informed by correct use of this policy document. This policy document was developed by the theatre clinical nurse facilitator CNF for student nurses and registered nurses professional development.

The policy serves as a framework for safe surgery which was developed based on the World Health Organisation safety initiative.

Function and Purpose

The policy document serves as an effective means of communication within the multidisciplinary team and also makes visible the unique nursing contribution in achieving an optimal healthcare outcome. According to Parker p. Because theories are based on experience and the interpretation of such experience or thought, they are seen as interpretation of reflections of observation and understanding, they guide what we do, the set goals to be achieved and the result.

Meleis p. Jacob Fountain. Robert Sambat. Jazmin Ferrer. Luis Sanchez-Vera. Eric Harvester.

History of nursing in nigeria and united states of america

Sheyla Reyes. Melissa Tapia. Christopher G. Deanna Mackey.

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Quick Lesson in Nursing History and The Nursing Theory

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essay on the history of nursing Essay on the history of nursing
essay on the history of nursing Essay on the history of nursing
essay on the history of nursing Essay on the history of nursing
essay on the history of nursing Essay on the history of nursing
essay on the history of nursing Essay on the history of nursing
essay on the history of nursing Essay on the history of nursing
essay on the history of nursing Essay on the history of nursing
essay on the history of nursing Essay on the history of nursing
Essay on the history of nursing

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