Reading research papers

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This chapter describes the rationale and design of a course that uses strategic, critical reading to teach research writing to doctoral candidates. In the course, students are guided through the independent writing of a research paper using their own data, according to a scheme in which a paper is built up around the results.

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Through reading and critical discussion of published papers representing a range of qualities and topics, students develop a framework of knowledge that helps them assess the effectiveness of their own writing. Subject specialists who work as language professionals and who acquire language teaching skills are uniquely positioned to develop courses for doctoral students in their own fields.

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By continuing you agree to the use of cookies. Outline Get Access Get Access. Chapter contents Book contents. And I think I am not very good at it, especially when I see that some peers around me are able to read the same research paper in 20 minutes with better comprehension that I take about 2 hours to read. Is this normal feeling for new grad students in engineering and one gets used to it with time or am I missing something.

How to master a new body of literature

What suggestions you would give to a new grad student to overcome this hurdle? And how do you read those math-heavy research papers containing a lot of abstract concepts hard to visualize. In the beginning it took me almost a whole day to read a paper thoroughly.

How are journal articles uniquely challenging?

With time it gets much easier as you get used to the format, pick up standard phrases, learn to differentiate between important and less important details as it relates to your research. We all struggle. You will get better with time, as you gain Context and experience.

If you have all these things, you can read a paper in 30 seconds and decide whether or not an experiment is interesting or not interesting, novel or not novel. There are certain conclusions or figures that will jump out to my attention if something is novel or interesting, in which case I will read deeper into it. If the paper does teach me something, then I update my physical intuition or my understanding of the field.

How much is specialized vocabulary and how much is obscure, tedious jargon which keeps laymen from understanding it? Just takes time and patience.

Reading Scientific Papers - Academic Skills - Trent University

When I first started reading a lot of complicated papers I had a color coded system with highlighters. Might be worth a try! It's completely normal. It happens to everyone.

How to read a scientific paper

It'll still be true when you consider yourself an expert in a particular topic and you try reading something outside of your area of expertise. There are ways to read a paper that might help you. You're under no obligation to begin reading at the introduction and finish at the discussion I find that skimming the abstract helps, then glance over the methods before digging into the results. After that I try to re-read the methods to fully understand the experiment that was done then I can evaluate it when going over the discussion.

I can read the introduction later.

How to Read Academic Papers without Freaking Out

If you do a systematic review of the literature you'll find that you'll read the first few relevant papers from your search carefully and pick out the important points. Then you'll end up skimming the rest to find those important points. Familiarity is the key. Take as much time as you wish and can afford to read other papers. It's never inappropriate to say you don't understand something when reading a paper It's perfectly normal.

It used to take me hours to get into a research paper.

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You eventually get to the point where you can read a a paper in 10 minutes. Or at least extract whatever information you need within 10 minutes. Ya, reading papers is hard. Practice by engaging in and volunteering for lit reviews at group meetings.

We did a paper review at each meeting. I was and to an extent still am in the same boat a couple months ago.

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Reading research papers

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