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I also enjoy reading how others respond to what I have written. Voted up, funny, and interesting. Thank you for the hub! So even your blood type may have something to do with that need for solitude to recharge your batteries, even though you do enjoy being with others. Thanks for adding to the discussion.

At this point in my life it's an issue to pinpoint what my needs are in love, life and work. It began with my intention to change careers to a less stressful type of job that matches my temperament and talents better than the present one.

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It got very confusing once the testing started. One test I'm an introvert, the other test I'm an extrovert. Lately I found this new definition on the net, ambivert, and it seems plausible to me. Extrovert friends label me as an extrovert. Introvert friends label me as another introvert, with more extrovert traits than they themselves have. The result of the second test on this page is introvert.

Personal Essay: Introversion

Still, when I read about introversion and extroversion, I'm sure I have traits of both. It's true that I'm an introvert at heart in the sense that I need to be alone to recharge my batteries. I like and love different ways of communicating, the introvert and extrovert styles. I have always loved small talk, because I think it is a very friendly and loving way to reach out to other people. I prefer small talk as a way of connecting with strangers, or as an introduction to in depth conversation.

Essay on The Lives of Introverts

I'm a very good listener too. I like being an ambivert. You can live in both solitude and with people very nicely when you need to. I read that, or something similar to it in my research. I think the reason is that introverts like to think before expressing themselves and writing enables them to do that.

Extroverts need the stimulation of actual people in the same room. Thanks for adding this to the conversation. I'm glad you've found yourself.

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Sounds like you are very balanced, able to make the best of both worlds. What I find interesting is that introverts tend to be more "extraverted" in writing than extraverts. We did a survey in a large web group I belong to In fact, a substantial number of extraverts who typically are energized by people and interaction reported that they found chat rooms and instant messaging "draining" and even "exhausting.

Growing up, i thought i was different because I always kept to myself, too shy to speak but as I got to college, I came out from within my shell. I am definitely an ambivert, i can stay by myself without getting bored but yet love other peoples company sometimes. I can be the life a party that is people that I am so close to but can be otherwise if in a new territory.. The test said I was an ambidextrous pervert! I don't even know what that is! No, merely a simple ambivert after all.

Nothing special. Enjoyed reading and taking the test. I don't suppose anyone failed, did they? I've been out getting acquainted with all kinds of new people at an art show this morning. YOu are more introvert than exrovert; To Be Happy is to be wise, enjoy life; of course u r douing it. Max, so glad you were able to find a classification you could embrace. Thanks for your comment. Laura, I'm glad you found a label to present to your husband's friends to convince them people don't have to be either extroverts or introverts.

They produce some of the world's greatest art, music and literature. You should be proud and content to be one of them. I love this hub, and the term ambivert. When I first met my husband, his friends all thought I was a complete introvert, but that's just because they are extreme extroverts! I love being around small groups of people, but also need some time to chill on my own. I think I am the quintessential ambivert!

This is a great article and I love the quiz! I'd never heard of an ambivert, but always knew I fell somewhere between introvert and extrovert. Voted up and everything but funny. I am introvert person and I love to be what I am because its my biggest strength. I help me to understand so much about this world and alert me too in tough situation. Its great hub and informative too. Thanks for sharing! Cyndi, soliitude is like a healing balm to my spirit if I haven't have it for a while. But if I'm stuck at home by myself for a few days, I'm ready for some company.

I am very stressed if I'm in a crowded place with a lot of noise. If I find myself hungry or not feeling well and have to pick up a prescription in a place like Walmart with screaming children around I'm afraid I will scream if I can't escape soon to some quiet place by myself. Great article. I can relate to being an ambivert. Love my solitude at times, but then I have to surface for some company. Voted up. I am an Introvert i do not like a big party, a place with a lot of people and mostly i like keeping things to myself and very shy lovely hub.

You've made me feel even better about being an ambivert.

Intriguing psychological hub! Recently me and my friends were having a discussion where we came out with some facts that in the real economy and organisational hierarchy. It came to me as a shock but I realized one point about the introverts Your hub outlines the benefits of being an ambivert quite potently and I took both the quizzes to make sure I was one! I'm not sure the labels "extrovert" and "introvert" really serve us well. I wish our society did not feel the need to label everyone, but I guess it gives those in academia something to write about.

Absolutely great Hub. Like you, I am and have been for many decades an Ambivert.

Introvert vs Extrovert - Difference and Comparison | Diffen

My mother was a moderate introvert and my father was an extreme extrovert. I drew a lot of my personality style for each of them. I love reading books and alone time and parties aren't y favorite things, but if I have to go, I generally am the life of the party. Over the years I usually test out at 45 or 55 on a scale of I have come to think that we have a dominant or preferred personality type and then we make "structural" adjustments. I think I am a little on the introvert side at heart, but to pull of a party, teach classes, organize a conference, etc, I depend on my extrovert qualities.

Great Hub. Thank you, girlshoptalk. Shyness isn't always a sign that one's an introvert. Some shy people enjoy being with people once they know them, and like to do things with others. They just lack social confidence and find it hard to start a conversational ball rolling when among strangers.

Great hub I fell into the category of borderline introvert in the first quiz and ambivert in the second. Perhaps over time, I have learned to adapt to what is expected of me? I know I use to be painfully shy as a girl. Being on my own so much of my adult life, raising my sons has taught me to be otherwise.

essay on introvert and extrovert Essay on introvert and extrovert
essay on introvert and extrovert Essay on introvert and extrovert
essay on introvert and extrovert Essay on introvert and extrovert
essay on introvert and extrovert Essay on introvert and extrovert
essay on introvert and extrovert Essay on introvert and extrovert

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