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Finally, the fifth chapter will delineate on the conclusions that will be drawn in the study as well as the recommendations. For the development of an effective gap analysis, this study will analyse several previous imperial investigations and authentic statistics on unemployment among the youth in the world and specifically in Nigeria.

The literature review will focus on the unemployment among locals and immigrants on a general perspective globally as well as local perspective in Nigeria.

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The study will focus on most recent studies and publications dating back to a maximum of 7 years ago to ensure the data used in the study represents the most recent situation as far as unemployment among the youth is concerned. The rate of youth population education continues to increase with Nigerian universities producing , graduates per year Bakare, , however; the rate of job production has not kept to pace with the production of university graduates per year Bakare, According to Salami , The problems Nigeria faces tomorrow will depend on how the youth population of Nigeria matures as adolescents into adulthood.

Damilola also describes a problem of cronyism in Nigeria that awards jobs to college graduates with political connections rather than based on individual merit. A startling report by the Department of Sociology at the University of Ibadan in Nigeria has indicated that youth unemployment has led to a rise in violent crimes Ajaegbu, The overall level of despair of the youth population is blamed for the level of youth unemployment. According to the Christian Science monitor, the youth unemployment problem leaves the Nigerian youth population so despondent that militant groups are better able to prey on these populations and recruit them into criminal organizations.

The survey response questionnaire will be of a qualitative research design to measure the subjective response from the migrant and non-migrant youth population in Nigeria.

Unemployment in india hindi essay

The focus of the survey questionnaire will be to assess the sentiment, or feelings, of the youth population with regard to their current and future employment prospect. Furthermore, since the investigation requires a deeper analysis and explanation on the links between attitudes and unemployment among the youths, the use of qualitative methodology will allow the study to analyse the objectives effectively.

The data will be coded by linking a number 1, 2, etc. Generally, this study will observe all the ethical requirements in all the processes of data collection and analysis as is expected under an Internal Review Board IRB. From the above introduction, it is evident that unemployment among the youth in Nigeria is a major social and economic issue in the country. This study will provide an examination and render a conclusion to the notion of the assertion that attitudes of the youth contribute to the high levels of unemployment.

Alanana, O. Bakare, Bilikis. Higgs, J.

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Almost all under-developed countries regarded surplus labour as a mere waste. In recent years, a new thesis has been propounded by economists headed by Ragnar Nurkse.

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According to this, disguised unemployment implies a disguised saving potential and if proper efforts are made, it can be used for economic development. This is a potential source of capital formation. According to Nurkse surplus labour or disguisedly unemployed labourers live with their kinfolk in joint family and are fed with the labour of their relations who are productive. Such unemployed persons in the joint family system and joint agricultural holdings, all the sons nephews, cousins and children work on the family land without ever bothering whether additional employment produces any extra output or not.

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It is confined to only those who are self-employed because the employed will not employ a labourer unless there is enough work to provide him with full employment. It is invisible. In industrial countries, unemployment is a glaring waste of resources harmful to all. But in agricultural sector it is difficult to single out the disguisedly unemployed.

Unemployment in India

This is why quantitative measurement of disguised unemployment is highly complicated. It is applicable in the Industrial sector also in times of deflation. National Endorsements like land and other gifts of nature are limited in quantity. They fail to cope up with the increasing tempo of population. Demographic theories testify that under developed country always suffers from explosure increase in manpower that is compelled to crowd over the limited natural resources.

In countries where industrialist feelings are on the tide disguised unemployment does not occur but in countries where family trades predominates, disguised unemployment very often occurs because all members are engaged in the family trade. In underdeveloped countries the technology of production is primitive.

thesis on unemployment in india Thesis on unemployment in india
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thesis on unemployment in india Thesis on unemployment in india
thesis on unemployment in india Thesis on unemployment in india
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