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Daniel British. Karen Australian. Veena Indian. How to say antithesis in sign language? Examples of antithesis in a Sentence Anna Hakkarainen : Lapland is the antithesis to the urban hustle and bustle. Thomas Sowell : Force is the antithesis of freedom, but force must be used, if only to defend against other force. Gavin Clarkson : Masked militiamen are the antithesis of what a free republic looks like. Nicki Minaj : Some people are on the internet and seeking attention, and Geoffrey Owens ''s just the antithesis of that, so I felt like,' Oh my God, could you imagine?

Aaron Copland : Inspiration may be a form of superconsciousness, or perhaps of subconsciousness - I wouldn't know. Popularity rank by frequency of use antithesis Select another language:. Powered by CITE. Are we missing a good definition for antithesis? Don't keep it to yourself By producing graduates prominent in fighting for humanity and the rights of individuals, it was inevitable that the college came to be considered the antithesis of the dominant political views. Antithesis is its basic character. The final summary can only be expressed in terms of a group of antitheses, whose apparent self-contradictions depend on neglect of the diverse categories of existence.

Confession might thus function as the antithesis , perhaps even the antidote, to the public and communal binding of conscience at the heart of the oath-taking of Self-centred images of selfhood are, however, not only the antithesis of authentic theistic faith ; they are also profoundly misleading and destructive when used to construct images of ideal selfhood.

The exclusion of groups of persons from practices, on the grounds of social class, race or gender, has been the antithesis of any discussible notion of desert. Professionalization was embraced as the antithesis of commercialism, but artists did not seek to manipulate the market for their trade as such ; they were endeavouring, rather, to address its consequences.

The antithesis of this is producing a sequence-completing action that does not elicit a next action, and instead leaves open the possibility that a next action may not be produced. Such music was capable of expressing a great variety of moods and feelings or the broadly marked antitheses of joy and sorrow, hope and fear, faith and doubt. From another perspective, they are related dialectically - as thesis, antithesis , and synthesis, with the mutualist synthesis combining elements of the first two to produce something different from either.

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Fielding constantly disrupts the illusionary identification of the reader with the characters by referring to the prose itself and uses his narrative style to posit antitheses of characters and action. Although concepts of autonomy and independence have received critical attention, they are nevertheless commonly promoted as the antithesis of dependency and, moreover, as unproblematic and universally desirable goals.

They advance a new antithesis. The language of inversion, antithesis , and contrariety and the habit of binary thinking which permeated contemporary attitudes supplied the essential discursive framework within which the concept of witchcraft made sense. Certainly his own self-portraits stand as a clear antithesis.

The more perfect the illusion inside, the more evident its irrational antithesis outside. The concept of amoral familism is the antithesis of social solidarity and commitment to the common good precisely because it is grounded in the family rather than the community. The national lottery is the very antithesis of this.

The process has become the antithesis of success and has destroyed the fair competition of a free market. Secondly, what is according to the rule of law, the antithesis being what is arbitrary. There is a complete antithesis between the one and the other. In the first place, there is no antithesis at all between heredity and environment. Our children should be taught at school that to throw down litter is the antithesis of good citizenship.

Academically and abstractly, it is possible to see the antithesis between them. On the contrary, it is the very antithesis of all that we presume to stand for.

I concede that the neatness of the antithesis must have been irresistible, but it is not a true antithesis. He will forgive me for saying that that seemed to me to be a false antithesis. No one expects this antithesis to be resolved forthwith.

I should have thought that that was the antithesis of decentralisation. He tends in statement, therefore, to cast the questions he raises and the answers he gives in the form of oppositions, antitheses, paradoxes. Stated as hypotheses, progressive differentiation and integration are antitheses of each other. Ultimately drama resolves into the juxtaposition of antitheses.

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Institutions and human actions, complements and antitheses, are forever remaking each other in the endless drama of the social process. Then the antitheses and paradoxes that he has defined may be disposed on the degrees of a scale, on the steps of a progression. Ideally, such awareness should lead to a more mature ranking of the values and antitheses which went into its making. They posited metaphysical intervention, spiritualism, imagination, and elitism as the antitheses to sweeping rationalism, simplification, and mass culture.

The only way in which the city could be conceived of as a single system was through antitheses such as the three discussed above. The rest of his argument follows the same plan, though each of the propositions is developed more fully, and the antitheses are built up into paragraphs. Both characters are antitheses of the protagonists. In this poem, literary fiction and political discourse do not exist as antitheses and one does not preclude the other: rather, in this specific context, politics demands fictive treatment.

Here all is subordinated to antithesis : though the values are reversed, all is cast in black and white. At all events, Mr. Chernov goes into ecstasies over it. As can be seen from the reference on page in the cited issue of Russkoye Bogatstvo , Mr.

Chernov could not but know, too, that the periodical in which the article appeared is prohibited in Russia by the censor. Chernov refers. To rectify distorted truth is a tedious duty; but since we have to deal with the Messrs. Chernov, it is a duty not to be neglected. Kautsky, of course, replied to Hertz with ridicule; for in regard to this question too Hertz revealed his inability, or unwillingness, to understand what is what and an inclination to repeat the threadbare arguments of bourgeois economists. Kautsky in his Agrarfrage S. Thus, until , seventeen mutual credit societies in Prussia had issued mortgage bonds to the amount of 1,,, marks.

This concentration of ground-rent is a clear indication of the concentration of landed property.

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Presenting a series of tables, Hertz attempts with extraordinary zeal to prove that the bulk of the depositors in savings-banks, etc. The only question is—what is the purpose of this argument? Kautsky himself referred to the mutual credit societies and savings-banks while not, of course, imagining, as does Mr.

Kautsky speaks of the centralisation of rent in the hands of a few central institutions, and he is met with the argument about the large number of small depositors in savings-banks!!


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What has the number of depositors in mortgage banks to do with agriculture the subject under discussion being the concentration of rent? Does a big factory cease to signify the centralisation of production because its shares are distributed among a large number of small capitalists? I thought they operated with -the savings of the Rothschilds and the Vanderbilts. Chernov smugly repeats this on pp. Servant girls with twenty marks in the savings-bank!

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Hertz, we extol thy deeds! Retold with rapture in Russkoye Bogatstvo , No. And this very Mr. Chernov in Russkoye Bogatstvo , No. As you see, on the question of the laws of the fertility of the soil, Kautsky helplessly [ sic! More than half a century has elapsed since that discovery. A complete revolution has taken place in our knowledge of the laws governing soil fertility.

And what do we see? This Voroshilov was a very taciturn young man; but now and again he would break his silence and pour forth scores and hundreds of the most learned of names, the rarest of the rare. Our learned Mr.

cite and explain the antithesis in the first paragraph Cite and explain the antithesis in the first paragraph
cite and explain the antithesis in the first paragraph Cite and explain the antithesis in the first paragraph
cite and explain the antithesis in the first paragraph Cite and explain the antithesis in the first paragraph
cite and explain the antithesis in the first paragraph Cite and explain the antithesis in the first paragraph
cite and explain the antithesis in the first paragraph Cite and explain the antithesis in the first paragraph

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