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Analysis of Byron’s “Thy Days Are Done by Lord”

I attended the Clifton reading with a close friend. We walked back to our dorm afterwards and she asked me what I thought. I was polite but honest. And besides, time is the great leveler. Poetry is not merely a booster for self-esteem. What would he make of this mess? The truth is that Byron and Keats and all great artists make their work for everyone.

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They claim the whole world, the endless variety of human experience, as their subjects; they want the whole world for an audience. In this, Byron and Keats were successful.

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People from every background — different races, cultures, men and women, from Gustave Flaubert to Countee Cullen to Tom Clark — love their work. Now think of our famous modern poets.

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Does anyone really believe there are men who read Ellen Bass for pleasure? I read just about anything, quite a lot of which is entertaining junk. But I take poetry very seriously. It matters. Most of life is detritus. But there are moments when we need something beautiful and true and meaningful. It could be a kiss from the love of your life, or watching the stars at 3 am, or walking around your neighborhood, or listening to your favorite song, or — perhaps — reading a poem.

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A poem. A genuine poem. A work of art which takes you outside yourself and makes you think and feel in unexpected and magical ways. Achieve it, please. Be wise. Know your own limits. I will be forever grateful. The websites are about two great poets.

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Read books about poetry, yes, but read the poetry first. Lord Byron was the first of the great Romantic poets I read. I bought a used copy of Don Juan when I was The harrowing tone contributes to this landscape, as does the blank verse. The speaker is imprisoned for his religious and political defense of human liberty; his ideals are put to the test as he is himself denied liberty through his chains and the dungeon walls.

He suffers through the deaths of his two brothers, but still hopes to find freedom through the tiny window opening out onto a larger world. Unfortunately, at the end, with his spirit shattered by his trials, the prisoner has acclimated himself to his confinement. An inherently free man, he no longer cares about the outside world, having established a kingdom amid his own prison cell.

The primary theme of the poem is the struggle of the human spirit against oppression, whether or not this character succeeds. Although he fights in a battle and proves his courage, Don Juan ultimately creates for himself a home in England to settle and raise his young charge—there is no glorious return to his homeland for Don Juan.

In this sense, Byron also is mocking his own life and liaisons. In fact, Byron worked on each section of the poem as he was traveling. And, in turn, the poet's feelings and reflections are recorded in the poem essentially as his own, with Childe Harold disappearing from the scene, subsumed into Byron's perspective. Byron has harsh words for his own England, which he believes has been tepid in its alliance with Spain against France. He castigates the events of Cintra, when defeated French soldiers were allowed by England to return to their homeland with arms and spoils of war intact.

He is realizing what he has been doing is wrong but he cant admit or tell his mistress that has departed already.

He shows the audience he is now feeling the guilt and uneasiness is hard to bare with in this in the next lines:. In the lines to come he tells us that he was having an affair and he is now wishing he could take it all back for he knows what he has done is wrong. After he is finished admitting to his wrongdoing he now is faced with the guilt of this for the rest of his life. That he shall never meet his love again.

But if he shall meet his love again he would tell her what he has done, but he will now have to live with this guilt for the rest of his life. He expresses these feelings in the closing verse of his poem:. Loving one means to love only one.

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You cannot win with two and you should never try. Love is a strong word and only had room for one. In this poem Byron talks about his affair and his lost. You see that he teaches us, no matter how good it feels at first, if you doing wrong, the pain will be even greater. Accessed October 19, This is just a sample. You can get your custom paper from our expert writers.

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The tomb painters were more of artisans than they were artists in ancient Egypt. Artists would have had free range on what to paint rather The world we live in is every changing around us, it is a wonder we can even keep up with the technical advances that are happening.

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Everywhere we look there are cell phones, computers, tablets, smart phones, hand-held video games players, and much more. In the 21st century many people do not know how it

research paper on lord byron Research paper on lord byron
research paper on lord byron Research paper on lord byron
research paper on lord byron Research paper on lord byron
research paper on lord byron Research paper on lord byron
research paper on lord byron Research paper on lord byron
research paper on lord byron Research paper on lord byron
research paper on lord byron Research paper on lord byron

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