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She then reasoned that Tsai would not have celebrated if she had failed her oral defense:.


She passed the oral exam for her dissertation, which cannot be done through deception! Several of us [including foreign friends] celebrated with her at that time. If she had failed to pass the oral exam, she would only cry, continue to revise it and resubmit! How could her partners celebrate? She [Tsai] was only in her 20s, quickly received her PhD. If she did not finish her dissertation, she would definitely continue to stay in Britain and work on her dissertation and not leave until she was finished.

The British university system is so simple, and the letters sent by the school are the proof!

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The school has its own operating system. In addition, Lai said that doctoral students in the UK are only responsible for handing in their dissertations to the school. It has nothing to do with the students. Category : Taiwan. For years Intellasia. Within the same tweet they asked me to attempt the search again or send details of the thesis.

On 31 August , I received an email from the academic support librarian stating that the thesis is still at the examination stage and that I should check etheses. I checked the title again through etheses. However, it's still not available. This prompted another email this time to the academic support librarian on 07 February Whereupon, I received a reply to say that the author has not been asked to submit it to the library.

He suggested that further information could be obtained by contacting the author. Since then I have contacted the author on two occasions via twitter but have not received a reply. Such a request can be on the grounds, for example, of commercial exploitation or patenting or for the protection of individuals.

Alternatively, a candidate may apply to the Chair for an embargo period of up to one year. Such a request can be made on the grounds, for example, of a publication contract. In all other circumstances, a thesis will be placed in the public domain immediately after the award of the degree. Full instructions on how to submit your thesis to the repository will be provided to you on successful completion of your MPhil or PhD. I have contacted colleagues in the Library and Phd Academy regarding the thesis that you mentioned in your request.

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The student who will submit the thesis has not yet been examined. As such, the thesis has not been made available yet, but will be made available with the student's permission at the appropriate time. Although we have not been able to supply you with the information you requested this time, the School is committed to Freedom of Information and would be happy to receive any further requests you wish to make.

Talk about timing. Extract from the blog post: "The attacks also revealed another problem: a lack of media and public understanding of how universities operate, in particular how theses are examined. The attackers focussed on a handful of alleged errors, as if errors alone discredited an entire thesis.

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The attackers made no comparisons with other theses or with standard practice in thesis examination processes, instead asserting that their own judgement about the thesis overruled scholarly criteria used in the field of study. The attackers also showed a lack of understanding of the field of science and technology studies. For decades I have been a critic of universities. I learned from this episode that they also deserve to be supported, especially when academic freedom is under attack.

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But strangely, universities have not explained their operations very well to members of the public. Better public understanding of both shortcomings and strengths, of routine operations as well as exceptional performance, will serve universities in the long run. The author of the blog post has published an article defending University integrity much earlier article received: 02 September , Accepted: 06 December , Published: 09 January I remember it well.

It was covered or should I say uncovered? That was to do with the University accepting a huge donation from someone who had allegedly handed in a ghostwritten PhD thesis. One of the reasons for having open access and up to date info on what stage a PhD thesis is at is because it can prevent this sort of thing happening at the early stages without it spiraling out of control. After the requester asked for an internal review, FCO stalled and stalled, then after over 2 months produced the info.

Leave it to you to make your own judgement. More background on this. All available by following the links below.

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Were the goalposts moved to make the investigation less damaging? After skimming through the report I noticed that there's a whole chapter Chapter 5 looking in to the LSE links with Libya. Help us protect your right to hold public authorities to account. Donate and support our work. Foreign and Commonwealth Office.


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University of London. King's College London. Imperial College London.

lse published dissertations Lse published dissertations
lse published dissertations Lse published dissertations
lse published dissertations Lse published dissertations
lse published dissertations Lse published dissertations
lse published dissertations Lse published dissertations
lse published dissertations Lse published dissertations

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