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What is gender equality?

A man that acts within his own gender role is lauded, but a woman is forced to stay within a certain fence within her role. She has to be feminine but not too much, sexual but not too much, and must have a career but not if it means she is a bad mother. Gender roles exist, they are deeply engrained, they are currently unfair, and the people trying to make them fairer are repressing women backwards instead of giving them the same choices that men have.

Conclusion A man that acts within his own gender role is lauded, but a woman is forced to stay within a certain fence within her role. Get more free essays Which categories were useful to you? Send via email. While being a lecturer in several high school institutions Lona founded an online educational project Tutorsclass.

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Essay Example On The Family Values And Gender Roles

I've worked as a volunteer in many different international social projects and as a camp counselor every summer. From birth to marriage to jobs to the style of living, both genders differ the facilities and importance they get. Gender equality or sexual equality is the state when all human being can have easy and equal access to all the opportunities, resources, etc.

They should be granted equality in developing their own future, equality in economic participation, equality in the way of lifestyle, equality in granting them the freedom to make decisions, equality in almost everything they go through in their life. We all know how women are being treated in society due to the lack of awareness and inequality. Even in the womb, they are being killed thinking that they are going to be a burden to the family.

Even after their birth they are made to stick to the household activities and are denied education, good jobs, etc. Gender equality is to commonly give equality in all stages for both men and women, whether in their home or whether be in their education or in the job they choose. The job of this discussion about gender equality is to break all the boundaries and limitations set by the family, society, and the world for both men and women, to attain their goals independently.

From ancient times there are certain stereotypes and roles set for the different gender like men are for bringing money to the house and women are for doing household works, looking after the family, etc. These stereotypes are to be broken, and both men and women should come out of their boundaries to follow their dreams rather than worrying about the outer world.

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Not only for women, but men are also judged when they choose or break their role in society, like choosing a variety of career, which should be corrected too. Finally, gender equality means respecting and treating all gender equally. Gender equality is also called sexual equality and is defined as a state of equal access to opportunities and resources not minding gender, and including decision making and economic participation; also valuing all of the different needs, aspirations and behaviours without any form of partiality. The history of gender equality dates back a long time to about when Christine de Pizan wrote in her book The Book of the City of Ladies that women are oppressed based on biased prejudice and she pointed out a lot of ways where women in the society are making progress.

There was also the Shakers; a group of evangelicals that practiced the segregation of both sexes and preached celibacy. They were one of the first practitioners of equality of the genders. A lot of international agencies like the United Nations and a host of others have done a lot to help improve gender equality but some countries have not adopted many of the conventions. There have been cases of domestic violence against women and there have been cases of honour killing in some places especially in parts of Asia and North Africa.

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There is also the problem of women not getting equal pay with men for equal work they have done and women sometimes get harassed sexually by their superiors at work. A lot of work has been done to battle gender inequality in our society. The Great Britain and some other countries in Europe have added gender equality as part of their curriculum. Also, the president of the republic of Kazakhstan made a presidential decree to create a strategy for gender equality.

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Violence against the women is a term that is used to refer to all forms of violent acts that are majorly and primarily against women in the society. Violence against women is typically gender-based which means that it is solely committed against women just because they are women or because of the patriarchal constructs of gender. These gender based inequalities are to be removed from society by bringing about gender equality. Gender equality aims at removing all boundaries and differences between men and women.

It eliminates any kind of discrimination between male and female. Gender equality ensures equal rights and opportunities for both males and females, be it at home or in educational institutions or at workplaces. Gender equality guarantees political, social, and economic equality. Gender equality in India is still a faraway dream for us. Despite all the education, advancement, and economic growth, many nations are suffering from the culture of gender inequality, and India is one of them.

Apart from India, other European, American, and Asian countries also fall in the same category where the discrimination between men and women has been going on for so long. Gender equality in India or in any other part of the world would be achieved when men and women, boys and girls would be treated equally, like two individuals, not two genders.

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This equality needs to be practiced at homes, in the schools, offices, in marital relations, etc. Gender equality in India would also mean that the females should feel safe and not driven by the fear of violence. The uneven sex ratio all over the country is a proof that preference for boys over girls is a ground level norm in our Indian society. And this blemish is not confined to just one religion or caste. To a large level, it infects the whole society. There are several hurdles in the way of achieving gender equality in India. The Indian mindset dwells on the deep-rooted patriarchal system.

Boys are given more value compared to girls who are just looked upon as a burden. For this reason, the education of girls is not taken as seriously, which again poses a threat to gender equality in India.

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  • Child marriages and child labor also contribute to the lack of gender equality in India. Poverty is another pitfall in gender equality in India because it pushes girls into sexual abuse, child trafficking, forced marriages, and domestic violence. Insensitivity toward women exposes them to rapes, stalking, threats, unsafe atmosphere at workplaces and roads due to which achieving gender equality in India has become a tough task.

    The causes mentioned above are only the tip of the iceberg. Serious groundwork needs to be done if we are ever to establish gender equality in India.

    We can all make a small yet significant change to improve gender equality in India. Parents must teach their boys to respect girls and take them as equals. For this, both mother and father can be their role models. There is a lot of angst both ways; the old world story of the oppressed and oppressor. Wonder when we will ride a different bus. Professional essay writers - are here to write your essay from scratch. Online Writing Assistance. Top 23 Unique Argumentative Essay Topics On Gender Roles We are so trapped by striations of patriarchy that we keep returning to the folds of gender stereotype.

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    An impartial take You need to think impartially on the aspect. Get into the skin While writing a piece, you should facilitate yourself into the skin of the entities and attempt to feel their pulse. An eloquence gaining ground Will it be ethical to objectify males to put them on the same platter as women? Can women actually overcome the physical barrier to shout for equality? Necessity to spread awareness among women regarding their rights Is the nuclear family the most forward step towards restoring parity between men and women?

    Gender roles: How hard is it to mold the rigid perspectives of societies?

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