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What is a star?

Hadn't really thought about it. Free I guess, but not too long - if that's not a contradiction. I was meaning to do this myself but life is busy! Onlymy eyes were outside the hooded sleeping bag.

The same wind that tried to suck the last poor ergs of warmth from me drove dark stains skutting across the jewelled heavens, crossing the luminous disk that seemed close enough to touch, had I been so foolish as to bring a hand out of the warmth, and mutilated constellations that were soon miraculously healed. The sky was above me, all around, and it even seemed below; though constellated street lights twinkled frozen in the nether depths.


The snow I was lying on blazed back at the unseeing eyes of night, even that pale, reflected energy could not be allowed to warm my frigid mountain peak. I would have frozen to the portable telescope next to me if I had attempted to unpack it, but there was no need; the glory required no amplification, I was surrounded by the planets, deep in the infinity of space.

Joined Apr 25, Messages 3, Location Help! I'm stuck in the forums! The inky darkness was full of pinpricks of light, twinkling here and there as he looked up. A light, cool breeze shifted his hair and brought with it the pine scent of the woodlands behind him. Once again, he had lasted through the day.

Survived to see the glittering dark blanket above him. The frozen emptiness around her was full of glistening water. All frozen in place, much like she would be if she didn't get to some shelter. The heavy furs she wore were good, but in an arctic wasteland like this, shelter was paramount. According to the map she had been given, the waystation should be at the edge of this frozen lake.

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Standing here won't get that fire started. The dunes were barren. The heavyness of the dry heat pressed down. Having abandoned his horse several hours before, he was that much more relived to see a break in the bleak surroundings. A lonely palm, footed by a homely shack and a puddle of mostly mud was the best thing he had seen in this vast dry emptiness. His shuffle stepped up a notch as he made his way through the dust to what could be is salvation.

Culhwch Lost Boy Staff member. Robsia said:. Ah, too wordy, too romantic I see. Sighs Well, at least it got the thing moving Rock and dust - this is permanent desert, not like the shifting dunes.

What Is a Star?

Rock, dust and wind - the spirit of a thousand Djinni, like a slapdash spring cleaner sweeping the dust into crevices, into corners. This is a wadi, mute evidence that there was once water here; necessary evidence, as the parched, dehydrated landscape says otherwise. Alternating baked days and frozen nights - at least, they would have frozen, had there been anything to freeze -crack the bones of the land to savage, razor edges, around which the djinni sing their song as they have been doing since before man arrived.

JDP Never told a lie. Tiny, twinkling specks, like a thousand icy motes spread into infinity, lay frozen in the darkness.

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She gazed upon them, turning her scarred face to drink in their gentle glow. Together they lit the sleeping world; a silent harmony of soft, white light. Another dune lay beyond, and another, and another. His dry lips, coarse with grit and shame, cracked in a silent scream; his eyes wept gluey tears.

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The sun's rampant heat beat down upon him like a fiery lash and he gave another dry sob. Maybe he should have stayed safe in the shadow of Humphrey's great, shaggy body while he had the chance. But it was too late for 'maybes'; it was too late for much of anything. Urlik Noise Warrior. Joined Mar 21, Messages Purdy Bear Well-Known Member. Joined Mar 1, Messages Location I love a lot of science fiction my favourite autho. The dust twisted in an anceint dance of nature, across the dunes of intense warmth. A lizard stood with a leg aloft, listening to the wind in its ear drums, the droan underground echoeing in all of his essence.

With a swish, it turned and ran across the soft ground, away from the approaching danger. Nearby, the white horse stood on top of the highest place, while the black cotton clad rider looked out threw binnoculars, to the army of tanks which crossed the horizon. Daniel Harper Member. Joined Sep 29, Messages And there were the stars. They were all the tiny lights you see at night: the little green dot on the computer monitor, the glow of the alarm, the blinking midnight clock on the stereo that you never bother to set.

Sometimes, when your in the perfectly right mood, a dark room can show you the most, just like you can see the most on the beach at night. When you are in a room with light you tend to look at the things touched by that light: the walls, the television, the ever-spinning fan. But if you sit in the same room in the absolute dark, you start to see all the important things. I personally believe that the best way to see yourself is not through a mirror, but in the dark. Only there are all distractions gone.

The dark does make it harder to see with our eyes, but what are eyes? They show us nothing, just the blatantly obvious things that all eyes can see. Can a blind man not see? Could Ray Charles not see his piano keys? Could Homer, the great storyteller, not see the things he spoke of. On the contrary, I believe that he has the best view of all.

He is always in that dark room. And while he might occasionally miss out on some small things, he rarely ever misses the big picture. Anything that your eyes show you, your hands can show you, or your nose, or your tongue. But only when you go into that dark room and stop looking with you eyes can you see most things. These feelings, these emotions, are our souls, the very fibers of our beings.

Anything you lay your eyes on can be taken away just as fast as it came. So that night, sitting in the sand, I gained a whole new perspective on myself. This short trip to the beach showed me how much I appreciated the simple beauty of nature. It feels like the stars have shown me more about myself than they showed Galileo about the universe, or that they showed Christopher Columbus about navigation. And even if stars are not your crystal ball, they are always a true splendor.

They have a way of making you forget about your grievances and truly appreciate the natural beauty. So tonight, play that blind man. Sit under a night sky or lie in a dark room and start looking around.

descriptive essay night sky Descriptive essay night sky
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