Essay on importance of television in our life

Let us try to understand why it is so. To my mind, the matter here is in the fact that despite having a lot in common, radio and TV are not the same and can be enjoyed in different ways.

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Some people like TV more, others recognize only radio — tastes differ, but even one person can like both realities when in different moods and situations. Each of them has its own advantages and drawbacks, which I want to describe in short. As for television , it is bright, often captivating, colorful and offers a lot of entertainment for our mind. We can watch lives of other people, follow some plot, enjoy concerts, be aware of the latest news and many more.

Television: One of the Most Important Inventions of the Twentieth Centur

I think that the main its advantage is that it offers people a possibility to abstract from their own problems and to clear mind in this way. Besides, it can offer some extreme feelings and adrenalin rush — each person can find something per their wish.

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Radio , in its turn, offers a lot of positive experience that may arouse not so many different emotions, but definitely more stable and pleasant ones. By this I mean that you always know what to expect from it — you turn on your favorite station and listen to some pleasant music , while on TV you may be forced to wait for quite a long period of time before something you like starts. Besides, you can easily listen to the radio , while you are on your way somewhere and simply whenever you want.

In the case of television it is not so easy and is detrimental to eyes if watched in not proper conditions.

Paragraph on Television

Did you know that there are four branches of power, and not three, like most of us think? We all know legislative, executive and judicial branches. They seem to create perfect mechanism of democratic state: legislative power formulates rules, executive branch implements them in reality and judicial makes sure everybody follows them. Our century is called the age of information. Nowadays you can hardly imagine one being able to live a single day without watching TV or reading a newspaper in order to find out the latest news.

Apparently, mass media cannot become less attractive to the modern society. The images and impressions it bears have already received the status of forth ruling force together with legislation, judiciary and executive power. The media images of teenage drug use, therefore, provide huge negative influence over immature minds of young blood, creating sick and pervasive…. Sign in Remember me for two weeks.

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Essay on television in india in english language.

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Online call. Likewise scientific experiments can be demonstrated on the television for benefit of the students. The celebration of Independence Day and Republic Day are televised, which contains much educational value. The students get grand opportunity to watch various programmes related with the importance of these historical days.

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They also get the opportunity to listen to the speeches of our Prime Minister and President. The actual scene along with the particular gesture of our leaders will be remembered more vividly by the students. Selected teaching programmes are broadcasting time to time. In addition, there are special programmes dealing with cooking, knitting, stitching, decorationg etc.

These programmes are of great value for the girl students. These are the serials based on the Ramayan and Mahabharat-the great epics of India. There are various types of quiz-programmes shown on the T. Not only this they also learn the art of speaking by watching these valuable programmes.


Thus television is the most wonderful invention of mankind. It is a blessing in diguise. One can hear as well as watch the live programmes taking place at far off places. It has made education easy and efficient. The various educational programmes not only impart education but also entertain the students. Even the weak students learn easily the lesson which otherwise seem to them difficult in classroom.

On the whole television is a big source of education. Now it is up to our discretion whether we are making good uses of T.

Essay on importance of television in our life
Essay on importance of television in our life
Essay on importance of television in our life
Essay on importance of television in our life
Essay on importance of television in our life
Essay on importance of television in our life
Essay on importance of television in our life
Essay on importance of television in our life
Essay on importance of television in our life

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