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A report by The New York Times explores the essay-for-hire industry that tasks English speakers in developing countries with writing essays for American college students. Millions of essays are produced in countries including Kenya, India, and Ukraine every year to be turned in by American college students.

Mary Mbugua, a university student in Nyeri, Kenya, told the Times that she began writing papers for a more solid source of income, though she recognizes it is "cheating.

We have to make money. We have to make a living. However, Mbugua told the Times she "always had somehow a guilty conscience" and questions the quality of education that incorporates the essays.

Know More. During the entire application process, we will guide you and answer any questions you might have. We're always available via phone, WhatsApp and Skype and we like our clients to communicate frequently with us.

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This also includes the creation of your "MBA Story" and the strategy to mitigate any vulnerabilities in your profile. We will recommend you topics, suggest changes, correct grammar, do editing in order to comply with word count limit, and so on. For the LoRs, additionally, we will help you coming up with pointers for your recommenders. For those schools that require Video Essays sometimes called Video Interview , we will also help you prep for these through video conferencing or online video sharing platforms such as YouTube.

We will coach you on interviewing skills and we will practice with mock interviews. Alex is an Admissions Interviewer so you will experience what a real interview feels like. Furthermore, as HR Professional Alex has interviewed thousands literally of candidates, so he will be able to coach you on skills that other admissions consultants typically cannot. For those schools where scholarships require a separate application, we will also support you with these essays. In case of being waitlisted, we will guide you through action steps to help you get off the waitlist and finally get accepted.

In case of being rejected by a school, we can review your application and provide a detailed report with reasons for the rejection. This will help you reapply to the school or apply to other schools with a stronger application. This is another aspect that distinguishes us from other admissions consultants. Check Out The Career Coaching. I would recommend Alex to anyone who is looking to apply to a B-school and needs somebody to take them through the process of understanding the school admission criteria, keeping them on track to submit a successful MBA application, provide honest, thorough and critical feedback on CV and essays and be available at all times to answer questions and provide support.

Even though we were located on two different continents, he always showed flexibility and worked around my schedule for our phone calls. He was extremely responsive, always replied within minutes or hours, but always on the same day. I started working with Alex roughly 1 week before 2 of my applications were due and I really enjoyed working with him. It was very daunting and stressful for me at first because of the tight timeline but we were able to get several iterations done which ensured that I submitted my best applications. My overall experience was very positive and I would highly recommend him to anyone interested in working with a supportive MBA consultant.

Thanks Alex! Alex's services far exceeded my expectations. He invests a lot of energy to understand your story and pick vulnerabilities. He is critical and yes, the feedback keeps on coming but I think that is the beauty of the flat fee model he offers. His experience as a HR professional also shines through. The whole experience of working with Alex felt more like a partnership in trying to get to the best product in time for the looming deadline.

One of my biggest concerns in hiring a consultant was ending up with a generic application. But Alex is more like a coach who prompts you by asking questions and things to think about when writing your responses. Perhaps one of the most gr People and Machines The problem is not with the machine: it is with the man who allows himself to become mechanical. People work on machines all day long. Many of these people have work The Enlightenment Writers The central ideas of the Enlightenment writers were similar to, yet very different from, those of the writers of earlier periods.

Four major Enlightenment writer Information Desk.

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  2. Merging Of Electronics Knowledge And Six Sigm Information Technology Essay.
  3. Sample 'Electronics Ban' Persuasive Essay | Adolescence | Natural And Legal Rights.
  4. essay on how will science and technology change our lives in the future.

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essay electronics school Essay electronics school
essay electronics school Essay electronics school
essay electronics school Essay electronics school
essay electronics school Essay electronics school
essay electronics school Essay electronics school
essay electronics school Essay electronics school
essay electronics school Essay electronics school

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