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Good one but here a word is wrong "decation" u should change it Yes,female education is must in our country.

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And it's really halpful in my hsc exam. Thank u for sharing this useful information Exclusive topic. Its very unique and interesting. Business for Women in Lucknow. Please give your feedback.

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Jessica Schweizer April 12, at PM. Unknown April 16, at PM. The parents in rural area pray for a baby boy and if the women give birth to the girl child, both the mother and daughter have to face the torture of the family member as well as of society. While torturing the female, they forget that she is the one who gives birth to both the sexes. But, the scene is different in urban place. Here women are highly qualified and work on prominent designation as equal to men. The government has launched many programmes to provide free of education to the girls in a remote area where girls are unable to gain education due to poverty or sometime due to the long distance of the school.


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The government even gives free of a bicycle for traveling to school. Women education is essential. F or any other queries about Essay On Women Education , you can leave your queries below in the comment box. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

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As a result, the GDP and per capita income of a country is likely to go higher, thus improve the overall production levels of the economy. In addition, women who are educated stand a better chance to bargain for high salaries at the work place. As a result, women with university education earn competitive salaries similar to their male counterparts.

Therefore, Liberia provides an excellent example of women education and empowerment in regard to education. It gives them an impetus for effective competition for plum jobs, with an assurance that education will change the society as a whole. Another significant outcome of investment in women education in developing countries is reproduction.

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Research studies have shown that educated women tend to have small families. In Liberia, for example, educated women have an average of 2 children while illiterate women have 6 to 7 children Kane The trend is similar in most developing countries.

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However, high literacy levels among women lads to lower fertility rates, which results into higher investments in health for each child. This means that there will be an increase in the working age population, thus leading to high economic trends. Besides, the access of education among women in Liberia has also led to a reduction of domestic violence.

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This is because women have become more independent, and no longer depend on their husbands for money. They are able to cater for their own expenses, thus reducing friction and tussles in the family. This simply shows that an educated woman is an asset to the society. Conclusion In conclusion, the impact of educated women cannot be underscored especially in developing countries. From the discussion, it is evident that educated women play a pivotal role in various spheres of the society such as the economy, political, social and cultural spheres. Therefore, the continual access to education among women is encouraged since they are an asset to the community.

If developing countries are to match the first world countries, women empowerment through education is fundamental. Furthermore, educated women serve as role models to girls to be more active and compete with men in the society.

essay about female education Essay about female education
essay about female education Essay about female education
essay about female education Essay about female education
essay about female education Essay about female education
essay about female education Essay about female education

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