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Wishes essays free movement, one of swami vivekananda a similar way that examines. Page essay for kids; paper with a world history of the depend short essay on swami vivekananda. Onward for ever! Onward, brave lads! Do not publish this letter; but there is no harm in preaching the idea of elevating the masses hy means of a central college, and bringing education as well as religion to the door of the poor by means of missionaries trained in this college. Try to interest everybody.

The one by Dr. Thomas is very valuable as written by one of the, if not the leading clergymen of America. The Interior with all its fanaticism and thirst for notoriety was bound to say that I was the public favourite. I cut a few lines from that magazine also.

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You see I am so very busy here, and have to write so many letters every day, that you cannot expect frequent communications from me. But I try my best to keep you in touch with whatever is going on here. I will write to Chicago for one of the books on the Parliament of Religions to be sent over to you.

But by this time you have got two of my short speeches. Secretary Saheb writes me that I must come back to India, because that is my field. No doubt of that. But my brother, we are to light a torch which will shed a lustre over all India. So let us not be in a hurry; every thing will come by the grace of the Lord.

I have lectured in many of the big towns of America, and have got enough to pay my passage back after paying the awful expenses here. I have made a good many friends here, some of them very influential. Of course, the orthodox clergymen are against me; and seeing that it is not easy to grapple with me, they try to hinder, abuse, and vilify me in every way; and Mazoomdar has come to their help.

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He must have gone mad with jealousy. He has told them that I was a big fraud, and a rogue! And again in Calcutta he is telling them that I am leading a most sinful life in America, specially unchaste! Lord bless him! My brother, no good thing can be done without obstruction.

It is only those who persevere to the end that succeed. I believe that the Satya Yuga Golden Age will come when there will be one caste, one Veda, and peace and harmony. This idea of Satya Yuga is what would revivify India. Believe it. One thing is to be done if you can do it.

Can you convene a big meeting in Madras, getting Ramnad or any such big fellow as the President, and pass a resolution of your entire satisfaction at my representation of Hinduism here, and send it to the Chicago Herald, Inter-Ocean, and the New York Sun, and the CommercialAdvertiser of Detroit Michigan.

Long and Short Essay on Swami Vivekananda in English

Chicago is in Illinois. New York Sun requires no particulars.

Detroit is in the State of Michigan. Send copies to Dr. Barrows, Chairman of the Parliament of Religions, Chicago. I have forgotten his number, but the street is Indiana Avenue. One copy to Mrs. Bagley of Detroit, Washington Ave. Try to make this meeting as big as possible.

Get hold of all the big bugs who must join it for their religion and country. The resolution would be of such a nature that the Hindu community of Madras, who sent me over, expressing its entire satisfaction in my work here etc. Now try if it is possible. This is not much work. That will go a long way, my brethren.

We must stop their mouths as fast as we can. Up boys, and put yourselves to the task! If you can do that, I am sure we will be able to do much in future. Old Hinduism for ever!

Down with all liars and rogues! Up, up, my boys, we are sure to win! As to publishing my letters, such parts as ought to be published may be published for our friends till I come. When once we begin to work, we shall have a tremendous "boom", but I do not want to talk without working. I do not know, but G. Ghosh and Mr. Mitra of Calcutta can get up all the sympathisers of my late Gurudeva to do the same in Calcutta. If they can, so much the better. Ask them, if they can, to pass the same resolutions in Calcutta. There are thousands in Calcutta who sympathise with our movement.

However I have more faith in you than in them. Nothing more to write. Convey my greetings to all our friends -for whom I am always praying. Now I tell you a curious fact. Whenever anyone of you is sick, let him himself or anyone of you visualise him in your mind, and mentally say and strongly imagine that he is all right.

That will cure him quickly. You can do it even without his knowledge, and even with thousands of miles between you. Remember it and do not be ill any more. You have received the money by this time. If you all like, you can give to Gopal Rs. I have no more to send now. I have to look after Madras now. I cannot understand why Sanyal is so miserable on account of his daughters' marriage. I hate the very name of marriage, in regard to a boy or a girl. Do you mean to say that I have to help in putting someone into bondage, you fool! If my brother Mohin marries, I will throw him off.

I am very decided about that. I do not know when I am going back to India.

Short essay on swami vivekananda in bengali
Short essay on swami vivekananda in bengali
Short essay on swami vivekananda in bengali
Short essay on swami vivekananda in bengali
Short essay on swami vivekananda in bengali
Short essay on swami vivekananda in bengali
Short essay on swami vivekananda in bengali
Short essay on swami vivekananda in bengali

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